Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) Drug Update

As the drug HCQ divides the world, here are some quick facts on the drug and whether frontline healthcare workers should take it prophylactically Source: ICMR, WHO, Drugs.com



Thanx curofy to educate about hcq yes in india it is practiced and will continue despite restrictions of who as a poor country and illiterate social structure needs it vary much As prophylaxis it will be useful

Thanx dr Saloni Arora

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Thanks for updating. In india like country with illiterate and large poor population HCQ is very useful and presently as prophylaxis shown good results. We need this badly and continue.

Thanks Dr Saloni Arora

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Hcq extended for health worker more then 8 weeks

Thanks for simplified comparative update.... ❤️

Informative post and thanks for sharing it

Thanks curofy for this informative post

Thank you updated info

Thanks for updating..

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