Hypertension and Ayurveda

Hypertension The patient with hypertension (HT) is chronic and does not cross the mental line with the physical. 1.Emotional stress (मनो व्यपार) 2.Heart function. 3.liver function 4.kidney function 5.Heredity (मातृज,पितृज आदि गर्भ भाव). Here HT is व्यक्त(express)by symptom.(लींग) If there is know no clear cause(हेतु), then there is no medical achievement ... In Ayurveda's collection or Samhita texts, it is not even mentioned directly or indirectly, as an independent disease or as a symptom or complications (उवद्र्व) of another disease. The last main collection (ग्रंथ) of Ayurveda can be called Yogaratnakar, written in the late 17th century. The instrument which is used in mesearment of BP is called *Sphygmomanometer.which is investing in 1881.so there is no any reference of these instrument in over samhita. Diastolic pressure was investing in 1905 and the latest fully automatic machine was launched in 1981. In general practice What to do to cure hypertension from Ayurvedic point of view ... The best part is that ... If systolic pressure is more than 170 and diastolic pressure is more than 100, refer the patient. Understanding the limitations of one's own intelligence, available resources for emergency management, and learned classical knowledge, one should not do wrong venture in the age of Consumer Act today ... Today everything is evidence base. Courts and lawyers want evidence for defense and that cannot be brought into our medical system ... The heart(ह्रदय) is said to be the sthan(स्थान)of pranavah(प्राणवहा) and rasavah स्रोतः. The symptoms that a patient with HT develops are similar to the symptoms of cardiac and vascular malformations. In HT, it is important to pay attention to the heart, interest and vital sources and the key player behind the scenes. The physician should know the purpose according to the लींग (Symptom) of the then HT and perform the therapy according to the five purposes mentioned earlier. Patients with impaired heart function are usually age of 50 ... Lipid profile Borderline and ECG do not have emergency or fatal changes Such patients have high BP of diastolic BP ... Diastolic is about 50% less than systolic BP. In such cases, before eating Prabhakarvati, start with 2 - 2, then 1 - 1. After three months, give Arjun with Kshirpak Ghrit ... Patients with high triglyceride levels in the lipid profile and which causes HT, or angiography that causes tension in the coronary arteries of the heart, etc., and Statindrug may be need to be treated with special care for fat metabolism that is not occurring in liver function. If there is a period of fresh medicine, fresh juice of bhangro(Bhrungraj) or kakmachi is useful. Also given with gandhrav haritki or E.B.H If the patient has HT due to kidney function or renin, or if the patient has been taking diabetic drugs for a long time and his BP is under control with drugs like Losartan Potassium or Nifedipine, then from Ayurvedic point of view, the treatment formula for प्रमेह can be applied ... with creatinine To keep an eye on urine sugar .. If must be care of there is no excess of diuretics in प्रमेह and if formulation containing Bhallatak is used. kidney is damaged, so be careful .. E.g. If you want to give Gokshur or Punarnava, then Gokshuradi Gugulu will be the best and Punarnava Loh or Mandur will be excellent ... If more albumin is Present the decoction of Brihat Gokshur will be excellent and आमलकी mix with gokshur along with guduchi. If you have pedal edema, fresh decoction of the root of पुनर्नवा is excellent .. In Ayurveda, almost every yoga master has a key ... the same yoga can do a little bit of work in many disorders, so there is no question of worry ... The patient and the patient's relatives get a lot ... The satisfaction that comes from this is gives yash (यश)and kriti(कीर्ति) of physician. If a BP is caused by emotional stress (मनो व्यपार) the treatment plant of patient is counseling and medhya rasyana should be given.like brahmi ghrut, sarsvati churna or arista. Among the causes of HT, on average, the number of patients due to Psychosis (मनोव्यपार) is highest. while the number of patients due to kidney disease(वृक्क रोग) is the lowest. Happy but sedentary lifestyle which seen in pathology of liver and caused BP. It is discussed here in the hope that one of the four diagnoses will be helpful and decisive ... Experienced ... It is not possible to coordinate or prove with classical reference or scientific studies ... Read, think, if you think it is right, practice karma ... accept only when a conclusion is reached ...



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