Hypertension and COVID- 19

HYPERTENSION AND COVID-19 Ernesto .L.Schiffer, Joh M- Flack, Sadayohi Ito, Paul Hunter , R. Clinton Webb.. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION, hpaa057 https://doi.org/10.1093/ ajh/hpaa057 Published on 6th April 2020 The world is currently suffering from the pandemic of COVID- 19 - caused by SARS- COV- 2 .The most common co- morbidities are hypertension (30%) , Diabetes (19%) , and coronary heart disease (8%) . It is unclear, whether uncontrolled HTN is a risk factor for acquiring COVID-19 or whether controlled HTN is or is not less of a risk factor.. However, B.P control remains an important consideration in order to reduce disease burden. Hypertension with COVID- 19 is often treated with ACE inhibitors and ARBs and that SARS- COV- 2, binds to ACE2 in the lung to enter cells has raised questions regarding the possibility that these agents could either be beneficial or actually nefarious in patients treated with them with respect to susceptibility to acquire COVID-19 . ACE 2 has actually been shown to protect COVID patients from lung injury in experimental studies. ACE 2 forms angiotensin 1- 7 from Angiotensin || and thus reduces the inflammatory action of Angiotensin || and increases the potential for antiinflammatory effects of Angiotensin 1- 7 .Accordingly, by reducing either formation of Angiotensin || in the case of ACE inhibitors or by antagonizing the action of Angiotensin || by blocking angiotensin-AT 1 receptors in the case of ARBs . These agents could actually contribute to reduce inflammation systemically and particularly in the Lung , heart and kidneys. Thus ACE inhibitors and ARBs could diminish the potential for development of either ARDS , Myocarditis or acute kidney injury which can occur in COVID- 19 patients. In conclusion, there is yet no evidence that Hypertension is related to the outcomes on COVID-19 patients or that ACE inhibitors or ARBs use is harmful or beneficial during the COVID- 19 pandemic..Use of these agents, should be maintained to control Hypertension and should not be discontinued



Control salt intake or choose low salt food to control blood pressure and stay healthy in this time of pandemic is essential. B P control remains an important consideration in order to reduce disease burden

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