Hypertension – Indian Guidelines IV Recommendations – Part II

Hypertension remains one of the most critical modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular & renal mortality and morbidity. Even a small rise in BP is associated with a proportional and substantial effect on risk of death from coronary heart disease or stroke. A lot of progress has been made in clinical HT research with the benefits of anti-HT treatment in preventing CVS & renal events. Current guidelines recommend combination pharmacotherapy with two or more drugs in order to reach the currently recommended blood pressure goals in the majority of hypertensive patients.



Hypertension and its management As said in a phrase CATCH THEM YOUNG for adequate results so as vitals can be spared or damage is delayed as long as possible Guide lines are the important tool to follow specifically in indian context Yes modification of life style Management of obesity and overweight Restrictions of salt These are primary measures and should be tried for desired period with regular watch and monitoring Medication can be started as per charts given in guide lines and combination of 2 or 3 drugs as per instructions Yes inappropriate combination will always put your pt in critical situation Newer measures are yet to be in practice and should be carried out by experts only For general clinicians i will advise don't rush for miracles and instant results Gradual control with monitoring will always reward

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