Hypertrophy of lower limb

Chief Complaint A 27 y/o male complains of the increase in the size of left lower limb from 10 years. For past 6-8 months, he complains of bleeding wounds over the left limb. History Patient is hypertensive & non diabetic. Vitals BP: 125/80 mmhg, Respiratory rate: 17 bpm, Pulse: 76 bpm, temp: 97.9 degree F Examination The physical examination shows hypertrophy of his left lower limb, with multiple nodules in the calf and thigh. Investigations Blood report shows anemia with Hb 5.9 g/dl, ferritin 3.4 ug/l. All other reports are wnl. HHV8 report was positive. Skin biopsy shows mycobacterium infections. Treatment What should be the treatment?

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It is an example of hemihypertrophy Here it is monoextermity hypertrophy Mycobacterial infection treat with lenazolinid or clindamycin Nodule are fatty collection similar to lipomas nothing is required Correct the anaemia Hhv8 positive is viral infection and if systemic infection is there than need to be treated

should be treated with antibiotics .ivfluids,analgesics. blood transfusion should be planned