Heart enlargement introduction :- Heart enlargement means enlargement of heart. In this disease, the size of the heart becomes larger than normal. In fact, the heart is shaped like a pest. When the heart expands or enlarges, it becomes round and heavy. In this disease, the muscles of the heart become thick. Therefore it is called enlargement of heart. This disease is caused by doing more physical work and exercising etc. When someone does more physical work, blood flow in the heart stops, which increases the size of the heart, which is called enlargement of the heart. Symptoms of the disease: - When the heart size increases, the heartbeat becomes faster and loud sounds come from it. In this disease, there is pain in beating the heart and the patient feels cough and feel dry in the throat with cough. When a patient suffering from this disease does any physical work, he has difficulty in breathing. The patient's pulse becomes weak and his speed increases. The patient sometimes feels bloated next to the chest. special :- In the case of heart enlargement, it is more beneficial for the patient to stay on the beach. Medicines used in heart disease- 1. Aconite- In the case of heart enlargement, the heartbeat of the patient becomes fast, there is pain in the left side of the chest, its speed increases as the pulse becomes weak and the patient has difficulty in breathing. Use of Aconite is important in such symptoms, so in such a disease, Aconite 3 should be given to the patient. 2. Digitalis- When a patient is suffering from heart disease, many types of symptoms are seen in it. In this disease, the heart muscle of the patient becomes weak, the head keeps spinning and the symptoms of unconsciousness arise. In this disease, when the patient does any physical work, he has trouble breathing and sometimes experiences pain under the chest. In such symptoms, the use of 3 potency of digitalis medicine is very beneficial. 3. Cactus- When the heart size increases, the patient has trouble breathing due to which the patient is unable to sleep properly. The patient does not sleep, feet swell, heartbeat increases and heart burns. In such symptoms, giving Cactus 1x to the patient is beneficial. Using this drug gives relief even if there is pain in the heart with contamination of heart. 4. Arnica- If you have developed heart disease, someone who does more physical work. When such a person is suffering from this disease, taking 6 potency of Arnica medicine is very beneficial. Arsenic 6 and Spigilia can also be given to the patient in heart disease. 5. Belladonna- As the heart increases, there is heaviness in the pulse, pulse speed increases in the arteries of the throat, sleeplessness, restlessness at night. There is difficulty in breathing, the whole body vibrates, the heart feels enlarged and the blood flow in the pulse becomes fast but the pulse becomes weak. In such symptoms, giving Belladonna 30 to the patient is beneficial. special- In the case of heart enlargement, it is more beneficial for the patient to stay on the beach.



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