My advice in view of Hypsrurecemic levrl at 8.5, Give Febuxostate 80.mg with bresk fast .x 10 days followed by Febuxostate 40 mg .x 10 weeks, and repeat the uric acid study and proceed accordinvly. You did not mention the genddr of the patient as upper vaues of S.Uric acid for male and femsle are different.

Sorry sir, its male patient

In male the cut off value is 6.5 but in female it's 6.0. Start with 40 mg at bed time. Repeat the test after 14 days. If the value reaches the cut off value then continue it for another 10-12 weeks otherwise dose is increased to 80 mg. Retreatment to be given in the same way if symptoms recur and level of Uric acid increased. So the treatment is actually lifelong. Acute condition always to be treated first with anti-inflammatory drugs like Aceclofenac, Diclofenac, Steroid, Indomethacin etc with PPI or Misoprostol to prevent gastritis. Restrict intake of beef, mutton, other red meats, lentils, alcohol etc. Note : In some patients hyperuricemia can't be found even the person has gout. In such cases if the clinical suspicion is high then either treat clinically or send biopsy of joint aspirate to see needle shaped crystals of Uric acid.

Uricosurics are given life long Regular monitoring of uric acid to titrate the doses Diet is important factor in controlling uricimia and thence uricosuric doses

Thanx dr Ryng Phawa

It may take long time for uric acid to normalise Therefore febuxostat may need to be continued for long time

To normalize uric acid pt has to sacrifice his life style.dietry modification must. For how long as far my xperienced it takes quite than xpected depends on pt to pts ,sir. I used to give febuxostat 40 at bed time.

After breakfast Febugout 40 od Till URIC acid level comes normal

Generaly life long Febustat 40 mg bd If 9 definitely life long

If febustat 40 mg od if not below 6 in2 weeks make febustat 80 Minimum 6 months to get desired effect if attack can come any time So continue life long

Till level comes nearly 5

8.5 SR. Uric acid required medicine along with uric acid restricted diet ... like red meat pork beef moosur dal veritable having seeds spinach alcohal red wine see food crab and many more

Also do monthly SR. Uric acid test to monitor the level

Tab. Zyloric 300 1 tab od after breakfast for for 2 months after that zyloric 100 continue Regular monitoring of Uric acid Diet is important factor in controlling.

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