Hypo pigmented skin lesions with itching

56/y/o female patient with hypopigmentation of skin of arms & hands from past 4 months. Earlier there was no such complain. No H/o pain, burning sensation or itching No H/o any systemic disease Appetite reduced Thirst increased Bowel on-off incomplete evacuation & sometimes sticky stools Urine normal


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Manjistadi kashayam 15 ml bd bf Lukoskin 2 bd bf Arogyavardini vati 2 bd af Chitrakadi vati 2 bd af Lodrasavam 15 ml bd af Avagujathi beeja churnam with cow urine external application

constitutional medicine will be effective...

May be a c/o shwitra.. Which may be confirmed by related tests, clinical examination. As told in history of reduced appetite, first correct it by agnitundivati 1bd for 3days/5days depending on condition. Bowel habit should also be corrected, for this Asta churna 1tsf in noon n night just before food with hot rice n 2ml of ghee. Pigmento set n bakuchi taila sthanika lepa n exposed to early morning sunlight.

Shvitra (vitiligo).. Prescribe tab. Aragyavardhani, kamdudha ras both bdac. Ras manikya, giloy, shankh vati, Bakuchi oil apply locally then keep the affected part in sun light for atleast 10 min. Each tab. 250-500 mg. Twice daily

Balanced nutrition...no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods... cauliflower, boiled diet, sulpha if tolerant multani mitti with rose water and turmeric powder carrots apricots ginger spinach.paneer whey water

Avipattikara churna Manjistadi kwatham Arogyavardhini vati Nimbadi lepam externally

Tab pigmento Kadiraristh Kahtai pisti Mukta pisti Khusth har oil

Constitutional medicine after taking totality of symptoms.

Pigmanto cream And corticosteroids cream locally applied

देखने में तो शिवत्र प्रतित होता है। रोग कृच्छ साध्य है।

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