In ward, A patients having respiratory distress on Moist oxygen inhalation..n is having Potassium value 2.2 meq/L. How to correct this hypokalemia now. Plz suggest.




Potassium supplements are generally prescribed for low potassium levels. If the situation is severe, potassium might be given as an intravenous (IV) solution. If there is a condition that causes the hypokalemia, such as low levels of magnesium or an overactive thyroid, the other condition must be treated also..

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Inj KCL 2 amp in NS iv slowly I e over 4 hours. Regular monitoring and constant evaluation on other electrolytes balance must be kept and addressed immediately. Maintain I O Chart.

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Should MgSo4 be added simultaneously with Kcl for correction of hypokalemia?

For potassium correction Inj. KCl 2 amp. in 500 ml N.S. i. V. Slowly over 4-5 hrs. Syp. Potklor 20 ml TDS Coconut water TDS Monitor S. Potassium levels 12 hrly or 24 hrly. Rest treat symptomatically with other investigations to follow for respi. distress.

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