Hypothyroidism with Type 1 DM

C peptide random & Tsh reports of previous case. Investigations C peptide random 0.65 Tsh 35.67 Management Plz suggest, previous below



As pt is on insulin from exogenous as type 1 diabetes hence we will always see low levels of c-peptide contrary to insulinoma and type 2 diabetes as insulin is from indigenous siurce Here the case is hypothyroidism as well as type1 diabetes hence we have to continue exogenous insulin titred units as per levels Tsh is 35.67 hence stepup the doses of L-thyroxine if taking and if not start 50ug Keep followup

There is no exogenous insulin at present. Then it is Type 1? @Shivraj Agarwal Sir

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May belong to a novel sub group of T2DM in Indian PWD - SIDD (Severe Insulin Deficient Diabetes) as Dr Mohan has suggested. Dr@Sepuri Krishna Mohan , Dr @Dr. Dineshchandra Sharma Sir Management - Basal bolus regimen of Insulin , Levothyroxine 75mcg, supplement containing N-Acetyl Cysteine Regular SMBG till BSLs normalise.

A C- peptide level of more than O.6 is more in favour of T2DM. So it is case of T2DM. Well it could be LADA ( latent AUTOIMMUNE Diabetes of adults) or Type 1.5 DM which is similar to T1DM except there is a slow destruction of beta cells and usual presentation is adulthood

Low C peptide , suggestive of DM . Likely to be Type 2 DM since levels are not too low. Hypothyroidism Assessment of diabetic state Anti TPO antibodies Suggest OHA and levo thyroxine

It is kapha vikara, advise the patient to avoid kaha kara Aahara and vihara , and regular exercise ,yoga practice corrects the metabolism . advise the patient to take drumstick leaves regularly as it is proven herb to correct thyroid hormone . kanchanara guggulu 2 tid in adults after giving vamana karma

Hypothyroidism with pt on insulin therapy c peptide low

Sir type 1 or 2

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