I am suffering from the above eye condition for 5 days, tried ciprofloxacin, moxiflox, now on gati and toba drops, can u suggest the diagnosis, treatment., pain and transparent sticky discharge +.


Dear Dr. Mohammed, my suggestion is that please don't experiment on your eyes by putting ciprofloxacin, Moxifloxacin , gatifloxacin and tobramycin drops instead ointment. It would be better to check your eyes by an Ophthalmologist of your choice and follow the advice of him / her to get well soon. Seeing the photos I can say that unilateral conjunctival congestion of both palpabral and bulber conjunctiva along with pain and transparent sticky discharge + goes mostly in favour of :- Dx : Acute haemorrhagic viral conjunctivitis early stage (As other eye not yet involved . Most common cause is a virus belongs to the RNA virus family Picorna viridiae, name is EV70 ( Enterovirus 70 ). The disease is popularly known as "Jai Bangla" as pandemic occurs in 1971 during the war period.

D / D : - Glaucoma Blunt trauma etc Final diagnosis and management is best given by your choice of an experienced Ophthalmologist. Thank you very much and get well soon.

Definitely looks like viral conjunctivitis. You need to consult an ophthalmologist, get a flouroscein stain done. Check for preauricular lymphadenopathy Treatment will include 1. Eye drop CMC 0.5% 6 times a day 2. You can add weak steroids like FMLT to hasten recovery 3. Hygiene is a must else chances of involving the other eye are very high. 4. It usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for viral conjunctivitis to subside.

4 antibiotics in 5 days! U won't get anywhere with that sort of treatment. This looks for viral Conjunctivitis. So just stick to one antibiotic steroid combination and taper slowly. During this time make sure u keep a close watch on the cornea for SPKs. Also keep checking the IOP while u are on topical steroids. Be patient , don't stop the steroids as soon as u feel better. Complete the whole tapering regimen and then stop.

Iop measurement in presence of such severe conjunctivitis can be done only with noncontact tonometer. Treatment of this will not last more than 3 weeks. So even if steroids r used ,there is no need at all to worry about steroid induced glaucoma.

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This is acute conjunctivitis. It will take 18 to 20 days to get cured with Rx. Redness will persist for 13 to 15 days even with Rx. Rx I prescribe routinely is : * Tab. Diclofenac with paracetamol Bid x 10 days. * Moxifloxacin & tobramycin e/d 1 & half hrly x 1o days , then 2 hrly x10 days. *Chloramphenicol with polymyxin with dexamethasone e/d 3 hrly x14 days. Dear Dr , please keep patience as u will be cured , but redness will not disappear before 2 weeks.. Hope , u get well soon.

The strains causing viral Conjunctivitis differ in different parts of the country. Text books tell us to start topical steroids when the cornea is involved. The viral Conjunctivitis strain I deal with causes very severe conjunctivitis and cornea will definitely be involved. And after that it lasts for about a month or so. I have noticed that if I don't start steroids (dexamethasone) at the first sign of conjunctivitis and wait for corneal involvement, then nummular scars remain after the disease has run its course. And these take a very very long time to subside (sometimes the patient has it for life). So I feel the management will differ in different places and only the Ophthalmologist practising in that area will have an idea of what exactly to do and when. But starting oral antibiotics for conjunctivitis, as some doctors have suggested, is not at all necessary.

This is psuedomembranus conjuntivitis , boric acid in boiled water with cotton swabs properly clean conjuntiva and remove any membrane . Do it towice daily Use presrvative free moxflox two hourly abd preservative free lubricant drops frequently Orally ibubrufen 400 mg 8 hourle tab cetrizine twice daily

dd viral conjunctivitis . rx accordingly with local application of acyclovir cream and ketrolac eye drop. systemic levocetrizine. ..may be helpful. ..

No need to give systemic antiviral a local ab drops nd stroid drops sufficient

Viral conjunctivitis

This is most likely viral conjunctivitis.. tx includes CMC 0.5 % eye drops 8-10 times. eyedrop moxifloxacin four times hot compresses. important is preventing spread to your contacts by avoiding sharing towel, hand washing etc and no oral antiviral reqd. actually this is adenoviral infection and acyclovir doesn't act only.. it acts against herpes virus.

l prey for your early recovery. From the photographs I should say this is a unilateral eye condition with intense congestion of both palpebral as well as bulber conjunctiva. Both the lids are swollen and reddened. How much are pain, lacrimation, itching, fever and quality of Vision. This needs an urgent and thorough evaluation by experienced Ophthalmologists.

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