I got a pt aged 23yr male.. h/o severe acne vulgaris wit pustules

I got a pt aged 23yr male.. H/o severe acne vulgaris wit pustules within... C/o pain and itching wit mild pus discharge since 3 month.. Lips become swollen and reddish discoloration seen.. Nw under treatment since last 15days but not relieved properly.... Rx given till today:- Tab. erythromycin 250mg TID Tab. Doxy 100mg BD Tab. Defcort 6mg BD Tab. Acnetoin 20mg OD (Isotrinitoin) Syp. Safi 15ml TID Oint. Clindamycin wit nicotinamide for local application Soap. Skinshine for face wash. I have attached the pt pic and blood reports... Pls suggest me further management...



it is Nodular Acne Vulgaris, with above treatment.....nadoxin cream is very usefull. for quick relief ice cube application f/b white toothpaste(not gel) shud b apply at night and wash off face in the morning.....see the miracle.

Stop steroid Give tab azirhromycin 500 mg*3day/week for 4-6week Continue tab Isotretinoin 20mg but bid for 10days than od Tab zinc methionine 1tab bid Oint clindamycin + adapalene apply at moring Oint benzoyl peroxide at night Repeated face wash with normal cold water Avoid using oil over scalp Good sleep Avoid oily food Assured the patient it will regress but it will take some time Thank u

acne vulgaris. stop oily food. adequate hydration. sleep good. take green leafy vegetables. avoid stressful conditions. advice tab azithromycin 500 continue with cap isotretinion. syrup zincovit plus. topically clindamycin ointment tab folvite is also very much effective

Nodular cystic acne ......tab- azithro 500 OD ......tab- VB7 1. HE ......Nadoxin cream for LA ... soap dermadew acne ......tab...mebex 100 mg bd fr 3 days ......Albatop gel for LA in morn .....tab...flunil 20 od ....wash face

severe acne vulgaris with secondary infection ....ocp in low dose may be helpful. ..

plz stop deflazacort any soap is not so beneficial dula antibiotic is not necessary explain side effect of acnetoin add benzoyl peroxide due to antibiotic resistence

acne vulgaris...tab azithromycine and locally adapalene gel mix with very small quantity of retino A ointment

Cap isotretinoin 20 mg for 2 months Tab azithromycin 500 mg for 3 days for 6 weeks Clindamycin and nicotinamide gel application locally Anti acne soaps Combine it with: Chemical peel (salicylic acid) Cryoslush IPL laser

It is a grade 4 A /V.Isotretinoin(20)of r3-6 mths.Minocyclin(55) 1 od r2 mths.clindamycin topically bd.bpo-once at nite by spot application.brevoxyl Creamy face wash-2ice daily.

AV gr4.tt-isotretinoin(20)-1od r 3-6 mth.minocycline(65)mg od.adapeline+bpo at night.face wash(brevoxyl Creamy wash,4%)

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