I have a paitent of 25 years old girl,whose chief complaints are hairfall and greying of hair.



Madam. Confirm it is not hereditary. Then u can go for Hairich capsule from Caprolabs and Jeevamritam leha from Malabar Ayurveda company. For external application over head Manjushree hair oil of SDM pharmacy or Bhringamalaka taila. This combination has very good effect in preventing hair loss and also for hair growth. Only drawback of Jeevamritam leha is the patient may get slight weight gain.

Thank you doctor

What is her occupation??? Anyway ratherthan oral, nasyam with ksheerabala 101 is advisable because "नासा हि सिरसो द्वारम्"।। *. Shiro abhyangam with bhringaraja tailam

Thank you doctor

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