What Are The Chances Of getting infected in such a circumstances?

I Just Take a bath From the pot in which a street dog (unfamiliar) drunken water before 3hrs. should i go for immunisation? What chances of getting infected in such a circumstances? Plz Guide.



If any lacerated wound in our body with rabid dog then only otherwise no need Generally virus dies in environment 10 to20 minutes virus survive in water with sunlight

Thank you doctor

अगर कुत्ते को रेबिज के लक्षण नजर नही आ रहे हैं तो फिर आप चिंता न करें।

If you dont get any rashes after taking bath for more than 2 hrs then just go for a bath again put some drops of any disinfectant available or dettol whatever you have and there is no need to worry, but if have any rashes or redness then visit hospital emergency to get vaccinated or whatever they will advice you.

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