I Leave curofy,


It's a game and last minute pescence, how you stand and voknahi parega must not escape because they are not good, they may hack your bank balance also they tried at least twenty times or more in my wave address.

They are bad type patients, you know how to tackle them come on frds, many mimicry ID they have like Dr K.K suresh, Dr Saini, Dr. Rupa, Dr. Mody etc. Don't hesitate friend they are feared to get you a position.

Please come and take a post with in 100 then leave from Curofy, at least within 75 as top most Dr. And only give cases and disagree.

DR, Pramanick jj I am 1978,Batch, Senior most, l am honest fair, I can not tolerence cheating,

They are hack your point to get position 1 or 2 .

Cases that would interest you