I saw this case in my paediatric ward....Could anyone diagnose and can identify the clinical presentation of this case??




Widening both wrist Deformation of both knee Mild scoliosis Old rickets

Widening both wrists Scoliosis. Swelling and deformities in knees And old case of rickets

With genuine valgum

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A case of rickets, might be due to cholecalciferol deficiency due to kidney dysfunction

Widening of wrist, lengthening Lt limb ,genu vulgum, scoliosis ,tumors Skeletal dysplasia

Wrist widening and genu valgum seen... Rickets ..... Mps type 4 can be a dd...

If u look carefully It seems that left lower limb is longer Varus deformity of rickets is bilateral n symmetric If patient has varicose veins too Look for AV malformation which can be linked to limb length disparity n it can be a rare case of klippel trenauny syndrome Although rickets needs to be ruled out

Widening of wrists ,genu valgum ,multiple bony swellings, kyphoscoliosis..rickets with exostosis


Rickets . I noticed bilateral scapular winging also....Any cvj anomaly too?

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