I want to remove stone without surgery by ayurveda or homeopathy

I want to remove stone without surgery by Ayurveda or homeopathy medicine. so please give ur Rx



Dr. Mona the size of the stone is large. The treatment will go long, you can see the satisfactory changes in size within 2 months. According to Ayurved the line of treatment will be Bhedan, pachan and mutral. So you can start with - Chandraprabha Vati 1 tab BD - Gokshuradi Guggulu 1tab BD Swanubhoot Yoga of - Hajral Yahood Bhasma + Shiva Pachan Churna + Pashan Bhedadi Churna + Shweta parpati + Abhrak Bhasma + Punarnava Mool Churna + Gokshuradi Churna = 3gm BD ( Shastrokta dosage of bhasma and Churna is advised) with Makoy Ark 20ml + Water in equal. - Sarvatobhadra Rasa 1 tab BD - Syp NERRI 10ml BD Advice to avoid all garishta and viruddha ahar, Pitta-Kaphaj vardhak ahar is contraindicated. Advise to drink adequate quantity of water. Repeat the USG after 45 days and see the changes

It is disorder due to vitiation of all doshas affecting the urinary system. Oxalate stones are formed predominantly due to high Vata vitiation, Uric acid stones due to Pitta vitiation, and Phosphates are due to Kapha vitiation.Here both Renal and ureteric calculi present. so plane X -- ray abdomen K.U.B. , Intravenous Pyelogram help to know the Renal function and level of obstruction. others pharmaco logical preparation as stated by Dr. Adhi Kari ji is good and c helpful. but one thing I have to say you all are not discussing about KULLATHA. Which is very effective to crushed the stones. In Odisha common people are taking Dolichos biflorus or Kullatha as juice, the soup or dal preparation. They use it for preventive and curretive aspects of Renal stones. The patient should develop the habit of drinking plenty of water which will help him micturate frequently. This will cleanse the urinary system and will prevent the formation of stones. Occasionally stones which are already formed will break in to pieces as they dissolved and are passed out in the form of gravel or sand.

Dr you should try Berberis vulgaris Q tds it's a homeopathic medicine with 100% results .stone will remove within a week.

Not in this case!!

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Rt sided stone may pass out of ureter. Rt calyceal stone is small . Now see the right sided stone is causing obstruction and back pressure on kidney . If ureteric stone does not advance then it will definitely cause nephrones damage. So it will gradually will impair kidney function. Now we have to give antispasmodics which will help to expel the stone out of passage. Alfablocker also helps to expel a stone. Plenty of fluids hydrotherapy may help. Some ayurvedic kashay bruhatvarunadi kashay may help . While treating patient conservatively you have to keep watch on patients kidney function . Low salt diet. Stones less than 2 cm may pass . I have treated a case conservatively with antispsmodics and ayurvedic choorna. As far as lt sided stones concerned they are stationary and increasing size . There is least possibility that they will be expelled . So PCNLfor left sided stone is indicated. ESWL may help or may not help. So treat conservatively keeping watch on kidney function . Surgeryis last option. On right side you have another option to put dj stent which will help passage of stone on rt side.

You can give the mesh of cantaloupe ( kharbuja) after washing to the patient for 5-7 days. Apart from this boil the hair of maize in water till it turns yellowish and give it to the patient for five days. Give sugarcane juice daily as much as you can. For avoiding acidity due to stone which is the main reason for pain give Pantop D daily one cap empty stomach. the stone will move gradually to the ureters without making sharp edges and then give coca cola which will flush off the stone. Give ample amount of lemon and lemonade. lot of fruits. Any size of stone will pass gradually without causing pain. tried and tested solution.. Removed 15 mm stone without surgery

According to ayurveda, treatment goes longer but results are very good. ...... Gokshuradi guggule 1tab BD - Gokshur churn +Pashanbhedh churn +punarnava mool churn all of this give 3gm churn &make kwath &gives at night time. ... -Gandharva haritaki 1table spoon with lukewarm water at bed time for apan vayu function. .. drink plenty of water. ..... Follow pathya apthya aahar vihar. ... you are use also bruhatvarunadi kadha 10ml BD. .. It is very useful. I treat with it myself. ... you are also use Anuvasan basti & Niruha basti. ..

tab Uristone 2BD is also useful. ..

In my experience Up to 12 to 14 mm of Renal calculi passed away by micturition. More than that may passed away or comes down but there is fear of obstruction in passage. where we have to take help of a surgeon. In this case please try with : Sarbatovadra vati 125 mg + Trivikram Rasa. 125 mg + Badraa lasagna Bhasma 500mg with honey followed by Kullatha water. Calcurosyn 2 cap thrice daily after food . These medicines should given for one and half months to three months.with proper dietary regimen.

shariba stem or root in kashaya form 15 to 20 ml T empty stomach bid., followed by Gokshuradhi guggulu 2-2-2 , chandra prabha vati 1-1-1, punarnavadhi kashayam 10 ml bid after food.. along with that Tab. cystone can be taken 2-0-2 before food..

1. syp. Neeri .....2 tsp td 2. Tab. Cystone.... 2 td 3. Tab. lasix...........1 bd for 1-2 months.

Dear Dr MONA madam, There are some good medicines available in Ayurveda for removal of stone 1 Chandra Prabha Vati 2 tab tid 2 Gokshuradi guggul 2 tab tid 3 Varundi kashaya 20ml Bid

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