ICMR Issues Guidelines Manual for “Health Care Professionals” in providing “Psychosocial Support"

ICMR Issues Guidelines Manual for “Health Care Professionals” in providing “Psychosocial Support” to family members in bereavement in the time of COVID-19. The present guide document has been designed to help health professionals in dealing with one of the most critical and difficult situations while managing COVID-19 Death. This document will help health professionals and clinicians from various departments such as ID ward, critical care, intensive care units, high-risk wards where severe patients with COVID19 are admitted with increased risk of Death or anywhere having bereaved family members

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Most important and burning issues should be addressed by each and everyone for Health Care Workers and thier family . Otherwise first time in history pandamic will be in worst situation due to fatigue of Health Care Professionals

Psychosocial support of course but there is no time with a doctor because of long hrs of duties hrs and other factors. Good suggestion but very difficult in present circumstances.

Thank you @Curofy News

It is a great deed.. and a very well thought of .. action taken to support and guide All Health professional s.. thanks ji

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