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Onycholysis , causes psoriasis, subungaul wart , photoonycholysis ( porphyria, tetracycline , minocycline , chlorpromazine ) subungual hyper keratosis, onychomycosis etc. kolionechia is seen in iron deficiency and also in those whoes hands are chronically exposed to cold such as those engaged in cold storage and mud work at sub zero temperature .

Koilonychia causes Koilonychia is an abnormality of the nails that is also called spoon-shaped (concave) nails.1�It is primarily recognized as a manifestation of chronic iron deficiency, which may result from a variety of causes, such as malnutrition; gastrointestinal blood loss; worms; gastrointestinal malignancy; and celiac disease,

Koilonychia with ridges. Cause- iron and biotin deficiency

Koilonychia..iron def...

Koilonychia. Iron follic acid deficiency.

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Koilonychia. Iron deficiency

koilonchia iron deficiency

Koilonychia due to anaemia

Koilonychia with ridges.

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