identify the instrument and mention it's uses. also discuss other modalities of management.



Foley catheter is a flexible tube passed through the urethra into the bladder to drain urine. Foley catheter is used *to assist persons who cannot urinate. *in urinary retention. *to monitor urine output in critically ill patients. . *managing urination during surgery. *providing end of care life. *used to ripen the cervix during induction of labour. *tied as a torniquet during hysterectomy of fibroid uterus . *used in cases of epistaxis to block blood from freely flowing into the mouth.

Balloon temponade for treatment of atonic PPH to create pressure effect to controle bleeding from open placental sinuses and bleeder not responding to conventional measure i.q. oxytocic or uterine massage

It is FOLEY'S CATHATER,a type of indwelling catheter.near tip there is opening to drain urine and it's lumen is coninues,below the opening there is ballon continuous with the other end having valve through which water is passed to inflate baloon which helps in securing slip off of catheter,this catheter is to be used for loner period hence not to be used in emergency departments for temporary use. uses:Comatose pt,sedetion anesthesized patien during surgery,urinary retantion due to prostate enlargment,neurogenic bladder etc,during labour in cervical ripening,epistaxis

This is a simple Foley's catheter with a baloon tied at its lower portion along with a syringe. This is modified in such a way that it can be used for creating space between rectus muscle and peritoneum in T E P repair in inguinal/femoral hernia befo Persumably Foley's own baloon has been punctured.

foley's catheter

used for PPH at times.

this is the foleys catheter with balloon with a syringe. it use to see the ut wall condition under usg. it will insert to the ut & push the water, uterus will be distend & see the condition of ut well.

the top of the balloon is not to be like this. I will show some figure

very true dr Surya.

Foleys catheter

balloon tamponade for variceal bleed,and in management of atonic pph

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