identify these abnormality in pupils are visible.completely blue coloured eyes from birth.cannot see more than three feet distance.can any ophthalmologist can make this correction .kindly reply back with mobile i can refer ---DR SURATH KUMAR



Congenital cataract with corneal opacity.

Good morning This seems to be CHED (congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophy) It has got two variants a.Type 1 b. Type 2 Prognosis depends on type of CHED

Congenital immature cataract, advised surgery.

corneal dystrophy or congenital glaucoma..please give some clinical history nd findings

B/L Buphthalmos....Iop should be controlled initially medically later trabe+trabe to be done

Congenital cataract

Rule out congenital storage disorders like Hurler's or other mucopolysaccharodosis. CHED & congenital glaucoma must be in consideration.

Corneal opacity

Corneal dystrophy.

congenital glaucoma corneal opacity due to abnormal epithelialization

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