Identify this worm . It passed in the stool of a lady who came to me today.(1)Name of the worm (2) Drug of choice ,dose and duration of treatment.



Ascaris lumbricoides. Albendazole or Mebendazole for 1-3 days. Round worms causing intestinal colic should be treated by purgatives in addition to anthelminthic drugs. Those causing intestinal obstruction may require laparotomy.

Ascaris lumbricoides Do c..piperazine4gm/ day for two days 0.75 gm/ ur in child till 4gm Albendazole 400 mg of for three days

I remember a case who came me about 5 yr back He was started att for abdominal tb by sorgeon Then they came to me Anyhow I adv to with held att and gave albendazole After few days they came with a word of thanks and said that thousands of round worms have come out and child felt OK and att stopped

400mgms stat ,repeat after 1 week n every 6 months later, treat entire family, personal hygiene to be taken care of!

Round worm , Albendazole 400 mg stat followed by weekly for 6 weeks..

Round worm(ascaris lumbricoides) Mebendazole 100mg bid for 3 days /albendazole 400mg stat nd rpt weekly for 3/4wks

Round worm, Albendazole

Ascariasis Rx albendazole

400 mg stat and repeat after one week

Ascaris lubriciod albendizole with ivercetin alternative days for 10dayz

Round worms

Round Worm.

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