Identity the tree and its uses in the medical field Local names will do with Sanskrit if possible.



Dear Dr Vasundhara madam It is UDUMBARA Botanical name: FICUS RACEMOSA USES: The roots, bark-skin, fruits, lates and leaves of audumbara have great medicinal value.Udumbara is used both, internally as well externally, externally the latex is applied on chronic infected wounds to alleviate edema, pain and to promote the healing. The tender leaf buds are applied on the skin, in the form of paste, to improve the complexion. The decoction of leaves is salutary in washing the wounds for better cleansing and healing.The decoction of its bark-skin is an effective gargle in stomatitis and sore throat. Application of latex alleviates the edema in adenitis, parotitis, orchitis, traumatic swelling and toothache.Internally, udumbara is used in vast range of maladies. The decoction of bark skin is extremely useful in diarrhea, dysentery and ulcerative colitis.In children, the latex is given along with sugar to combat diarrhea and dysentery. The cold infusion of ripened fruits mixed with sugar, is salutary in Rakta pitta is effectively controlled with the decoction of bark-skin. In diabetes, the ripe fruits or bark-skin decoction is beneficial, as it works well as anti-diuretic. The decoction of leaves is an effective remedy in glandular swelling, abscess, chronic wounds, cervical adenitis etc.In uterine bleeding, abortion, leucorrhea and vaginal bleeding the decoction of its bark-skin is given orally, as well as in a form of basti (enema). The latex mixed with sugar is benevolent in sexual debility in males. The juice of its fruit is a panacea for hiccup. The powder of the bark-skin works well as an anorexient, hence, beneficial in gyperphagia-bhasmaka. Thanks With regards

Ficus Racemosa Hindi Goolar marathi Audumbar Gujrati Umaraa Sanskrit udumbar/umbar/Jantuphala Vranya/Vrana Ropan improve skin tone,and wound healing Vrana shodhan wound cleansing and disinfectant Stambhana Astringent (kashay Rasa). Dahhara Relives burning sensation,neuropathy gastritis(God Narsimha after killing Hiranyakashyapu had experienced burning in his nails and it relived after dipping nails in the bar of udumbar(Niryas of udumbar), bark is used to make Dhumravarti. Due to kashay rasa stambhan it is used in menorrhegia,leucorrhea,dysmenorrhea.Epixtasis,Heamorrhoids, intestinal worms. IBS,Rakta shuddhikar,Hoarsness of voice,bronchitis,cystitis. Bark is useful in Diabetes and polyurea, Erectile dysfunction medicine with udumbar as ingredient Hemnath Rasa,Nyagrodhi churna,chandnasav,Decoction(post partum)of bark.

agree with dr. tyagi and dr. vikram dev sing it is udumbar Botanical name-Ficus racemosa Linn. Family- MORACEAE Names in different languages: English Name-cluster fig tree, country fig, crattock, gular fig, redwood fig Hindi name- Gular Kannada name:atti mara Telugu name- Attimaram Tamil name anai, atti, malaiyin munivan, utumparam Telugu name atti, bodda, brahmamamidi Urdu name dumar Bengali Name- Dumur udumbara Gujarati name: goolar, umbaro Hindi name dumar, Konkani name rhumbud Malayalam name aththi Manipuri name Heibong Marathi name udumbar, umbar Nepalese name dumrii Oriya name dimri Assamese name - (Jagna Dimaru) sanskrit names: Jantu phala, Jantukaphala,jantumati, krmiphalah fruits are often infested with worms sadaphala fruits are always seen, in all seasons Yajnayoga,yajniya,yajnnadumbura,Yajnanga used as part of Hindu spiritual ritual called Yajna / Yaga Pavitraka auspicious Sheetaphala fruit is coolant Saumya it is a coolant tree sheetavalka bark acts as a coolant ksheeri, Ksheeridru yields latex Apushpa, Shveta valkala, Hemadugha,dharma patra, pani bhuja, pushpa heena, umari, audumbara, Brahmavruksha,mashakin, sutah, vasudrumah, Hareetaksha, Supratishta, Kalaskandha. References from samhita Charaka samhita- Mutra Sangrahaneeya group of herbs useful to restore normal quantity of urine Kashaya Skandha astringent tasting group of herbs sushrut samhita- Nyagrodhdi Gana. vagbhata samhita-Nyagrodhdi types : Dalhana mentioned two varieties Udumbara Ficus glomerata (also known as Ficus racemosa) and Kasthodumbara/ Kakodumbara (Ficus hispida). Rajanighantu mention three kinds of Udumbara, Nayodumbara and Phalgu (Anjeer / Ficus carica) Properties: Rasa (taste) Kashaya (astringent) Guna (qualities) Guru (heavy), Rooksha (dryness) Vipaka- Katu Undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion Veerya sheeta coolant Karma- Pitta- Kaphahara. Part used- Bark, Fruit, Latex, leaves Medicinal uses: Bark Bhagna Sandhana Krut heals fractured bones and wounds Varnya Improves skin tone and complexion Vrana Shodhana cleanses and disifnects wounds Vrana Ropana heals wounds Stambhana Being astringent herb Dahahara Relieves burning sensation, as in gastritis, neuropathy, burning sensation in eyes etc Murchahara useful in patients with fainting disorders Cluster fig fruit Increases Kapha but decreases Pitta Dosha and useful in blood vitiated disorders. Trushnahara Relieves thirst Pittasrahara useful in bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding, menorrhagia, rectal bleeding etc. Ruchya improves taste Shophahara relieves swelling, edema, anti inflammatory Shramahara Relieves tiredness, fatigue Ripe fruit is heavier to digest and increases bulk of feces. Unripened fruit Kashaya astringent Deepana improves digestion strength Rochana improves taste, relieves anorexia improves muscles Swadu sweet Sheetala coolant Trushnahara Relieves thirst Mehahara useful in urinary tract disorders Pittaja Chhardihara relieves vomiting due to Pitta origin Pradarahara relieves menorrhagia and leucorrhea Ripe fruit of country fig is usually avoided in culinary uses as it may cause or worsen intestinal worm infestation. It is kaphakrut- increases kaphakrut- dosh if used in high amount its bark used in form of decoction formulations -pancha valkal( nyagrodh, udumbar, asthwattha, parish, plaksha )

dr Gauri which part is used for neuropathy & how. anupat?

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Awala, rich in vitamin C, acts as antioxidents, used in chavanprasha & murraba, acts as general tonic.

sorry sir

Audumbar or Goolar or Cluster fig tree. B.Name - Ficus Racemosus / Ficus glomerulus. It is one of the Panchavalkals mentioned in Ayurveda texts. Considered to generate oxygen 24 hrs a day.

Medicinal uses?

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Its gooler ( udumber) - ficus glomerata member of panchavalkal, nyagrodhadi gan, and mootrasangrahniya. its bark decoction is useful in raktatisar, pravahika, grahani prameh,shwetpradar. vranpakshalan and gandoosh with patra kwath. un daha fruit is given.

Arjuna. DalbarjiaArjun It has got a role in heart disease

Goolar Ficus glomerata Twak churna lepa in acni vulgaris


Ficus racemosa In our system we can use this as a potentize form in treating diabetes

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