If a person suffering from dry cough alongwith sneezing,which medicine you prescribe?



Not satisfyed with Justicea. Because Justicea is used not only in dry cough but also in moist cough too. In Justicea sneezing may be or may not be. Cina has above symtomes but concerned with worms. Arsenic has such symtomes but mid day - night and restlessness is prominent. Antim tart has gurgling symtomes. Only Allium cepa covers frequent sneezing and dry cough too.

Dear dr ,we cannot change the materia medica symptoms for the sake of our convenience.please go through william boric materia medica and search medicines justicea ,arsenic ,allium,Cina or any other This prominent line that I asked only found in justicea.

I think it will be better to consult with Mat.medica peura, Farrington, Nash and Kent's lectures too. We are practical physicians mostly. Perhaps more than 500 cases may have cured by that remedy. Justicea Q is used by us and it has given result more than 1000 cases with out any failure.

Rx Ars.alb.

Allium cepa 6 /thrice in a day.

Ars alb will be helpful

Antimonium tartaricum

Ya dr vinisha says right.... Only Cina is single remedy...

Cina is the single remedy


Justicea is the remedy

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