Imaging in Lung Disorders - Chest Computed Tomography

CT scanning of the chest is one of the most important imaging modalities available to a pulmonologist. The use of CT imaging is increasing for clinical decision making for lung diseases, especially with the advent of HRCT. Please read to know more about this modality that is increasingly being used for respiratory disorders..........



Certainly a most ac urate and popular modality in diagnosis of lung diseases. Some condition are very clearly differenceate between various condition. World is progressing very fast but only dependency on machines is not fully acceptable because our mind created these machines so the history clinical and physical examination can't be ruled out in making diagnosis.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

Certainly most popular modelity to diagnose more accurately pulmonary diseases Yes it has replaced bronchography or bronchogram Yes ILD and other complicated pulmonary conditions are easily differentiated by ct thorax or hrct Presently COVID is important infection going on affecting chest and hrct is one radiological tool coming handy to diagnose and treat it

Ins ok ho jatta h vires ka ok

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Yes HRCT chest is best modality for diagnosis of lung pathology,also helps in taking biopsy

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