Immune Response to SARS-CoV-2 Infection of Children vs Adults - A Retrospective Analysis

Cytokines are important mediators of the inflammatory response to COVID-19 in adults and are associated with disease severity. This study shows that SARS-CoV-2 does not trigger a severe inflammatory response in children. This perhaps could be the reason for less severe and less fatal cases in children. Please share your experiences of COVID-19 infection in children......



Couple of case in my contacts reported Corona positive as young as 11months and 3months of age Since parents were found covid positive were transmitting contact tracers These children manifested fever and responded very well to simple paracetamol syps Since not much datas were out than so i left out investigations as immunoresponse as too good Yes in present time ie when we are facing double mutant strain which is more virulent and super spreading Though children are responding very well as seen from less fatality But big problem in children is multisystem infection which is more serious than adults Hence updating is very much needed

Thanx dr Rimpika Gupta

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Children do not get severe Covid 19 infection because of better insulin secretion as compared to adults, this lowers ACE 2 receptor and blocks the entry of coronavirus. Please read my article in the same topic

Yes that's why Metformin have role in Corona That inhibit mtor

Child's are recovering well in comparison to adults and . morbidity and mortality seen less. Basically adults respond to medicine and o2 requirement less in comparison to child's..

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

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Excellent information about immune response to combat covid -humble request to evaluate 1 role of BCG (as almost all kids might have received BCG) -in boosting immunity in kids.-BCG if given to Geriatrics -may be able to protect from covid-worth trail in this pandemic2Nasal spray containingROBOTIC ACE2 -To attract covid virus -thereby protecting IN VIVO ACE2-ultimate goal of total protection from any mutation type of COVID VIRUS-regards Dr indira rtd Addl Director of Medical Education. AP

In our two kids are positive .one is having mild fever cough and one asymptomatic .Parents of both kid were negative for RT-PCR test .. Both are doing well .Sure immunity of childrens are very high to combat the SARS-CoV - 2.

Cytokines do not create much inflammatory response in children suffering from COVID -19 infection this is the reason children do not develop much of COVID infection signs and symptoms

What about Kawasaki Disease

Elderly people are more frightened due to believing in more and more negative informations, thus secreting more harmful hormones in body but children are mostly not bothered. This may be one of reasons for less severity and less fatality in children.

Dr.karroolla.sriramulu srilaxmi hospital banswada DESAIPET doctor

Children have active thymus gland which plays important role in immunity as compared to adults. So, children are more immune to SARS CoV-2 Infection as compared to adults. Thanks!

Thank you@Dr. Dinesh Gupta Sir, Dr. Ashok Leel Sir & Dr.patel ma'am
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