Implant was placed 2 years ago in area of #47, what is the mistake? And how to ovoid it?



Implant has been placed into Inferior alveolar canal. If patient has numbness have to loosen it and might require to make a new crown according to the clearance available. 2 years is very long.... Not only implant other treatments are also not done properly. Will have to repeat all and if possible remove upper cantilever bridge and replace the missing tooth with implant.

Agree sir

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Was there any persistent numbness ? Did you ask the patient that “did your doctor who place the implant take CBCT before the procedure ?”

Use of long implant without caring about IA nerve , it near the nerve ,does the patient feel numbness or anything ??

Fortunately, he's fine

Many problems in this case - all teeth ( upper & lower ) should be evaluated especially #46, 45, 44 before placing implant - it is too long ( 10 mm length is enough in this area) - crown has open mesial margin

Inferior alveolar nerve was violated. CBCT should have been taken to evaluate proximity prior to implant placement.

It is near the IA nerve take CBCT and use short implant

- Almost hiting the IA nerve - Go for CBCT to make sure

Touching the inferior alveolar nerve

Agree with all

Go for a cbct..... Inferior alveolar nerve is too close.... Good luck

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