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Symptoms due to hernia ★ The removal of the intestine from its place is called descending of the intestine. Sometimes it descends into the testicle and sometimes it slips under the pedal or navel. It varies according to the location, such as straggulated, umbrella etc. When the intestine separates from its place, the patient experiences a lot of pain and discomfort. ★ It is also called exit of small intestine. Especially in men, it comes out of the test tube and enters the testicle. In women, these inguinal fibers remain as an inflammation under the lingament. A special feature of this swelling is that by disappearing from the bottom it disappears and comes back on leaving. In this disease, at least one should eat. It does not cause constipation. Take special care of this that do not get stressed during bowel movement because it causes the intestine to slide more. Causes of hernia: Constipation, tremors, high cough, fall, bruising, pressure, exertion during bowel movement or weakening of the abdominal wall causes the intestine to come out from somewhere and for this reason, when the air goes into the testicles, its veins By inhibiting the veins, the eggs and leather grow, due to which the size of the testicles increases. Vata, pitta, phlegm, blood, fattening and intestine are seven types due to their distinction. Major symptoms of hernia ★ In gout disease, the testicles are dry like a flash and painful due to common reasons. ★ In bile, testicles are red, burning and full of heat, like ripe sycamore fruit. ★ When the testicles of the urine are large, they are like water filled with a flash, soft to the touch, moving around and filled with pain. In testicles, testicles reach downstream from their place. Then, after shrinking, there is lump-like swelling. ★ The testicles in Kaphaj are cold, heavy, smooth, hard, slightly painful and itchy. ★ The testicles of Medj are bluish, round, ripe, like palm fruit, soft to the touch and full of phlegm-growth symptoms. ★ The testicles in Kaphaj are cold, heavy, smooth, hard, slightly painful and itchy. Food and diet: ★ It is beneficial to drink rice, gram, lentils, moong and pigeon pea, parwal, brinjal, carrot, drumstick, ginger sugarcane and some hot and cold milk. Garlic, honey, red rice, cow's urine, carrot, jamakand, whey, old liquor, bathing with warm water and always wearing diapers are beneficial. ★ Save from: - urad, yogurt, pittanas, poi greens, new rice, ripe bananas, more sweet food, meat of sea animals and birds, anti-natal, elephant horse riding, bathing with cold water, Walking in the sun, stopping stool and urination, eating in stomachache and sleeping during the day should not be avoided.



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