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Long term Post covid complications like Pulmonary fibrosis Renal failure Ophthalmopathies Cardiomyopathy etc Are important concerns increasing morbidity. So only death rate is not important. Vaccine may prevent even reinfection in previously infected cases. Recovery varies from person to person. Some requires aggressive treatment and others only quarantine and supportive treatment.

Thank you doctor

when the vaccine arrives . just take it n forget about everything happened till now n b prepared in advance for another pandemic in future . thats all i can say .


Tnx Dr Vipin Bihari Jain sir

@Saurabh Burkul It's not about recovery only . What about the carrier states ... Many people arround us are having this virus but r asymptomatic .which is a great risk for pandemic to continue ... Once we get the vaccine .. Will be able to break the chain of pandemic .. And there r soo many things yet to discover about this ... _Complications on different organs ...... Soo I think there is a need of vaccine govt should be Concerned about the same ...

If We'll Get Vaccine , we have Active Immunity Against Covid19 Inf. It Help in Breaking Chain Of covid 19 . For Examples We vaccinated Everyone with Polio so Finally In India Polio was eliminated in 2011. It Take Almost 20Year+

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Dr @Mohd Momin Ansari There is 94% Recovery due to proper Medication And medical Care. There is no Vaccine till now .. 6% Morbidity Means Out of 100 Covid patient's 6 patients death. If Vaccine Come it just Break Corona Chain. So Need for Everybody .

People are not able to take their medicine of existing disease like cardiac ,ckd,etc thats why people die but its come under corona if this disease is exist than why not bagger dies why not safaikarmi and lower staff dies If medication and distancing is working then how amitabh and amit sir infected during lockdown period they are using senetizer distancing mask every thing still they infected but in local area like kisan safai karmi beggar etc not infected testing is continue for all

Not govt. But Indian people in tens

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