In da blissful moment I would like to thank each one of U, Who counted on Me N made it possible for Me to reach here--- The journey was very interesting N inspiring for Me. Sometimes, when da best of my Answers lacked Ur valuable "Agree(s)", I got uoset but again acknowledgment of My dedication inspired Me not to stop N give My best--- I would like to thank CUROFY for providing Me such a great Platform, where I got to Learn a lot N It gave Me a sense of responsibility for da upliftment of Mankind through My knowledge--- I m grateful N feel honored being a part if Curofy Family--- ONCE AGAIN HEARTILY THANKS TO ALL CUROFIANS.



Hi my dear friend Dr. Dhara, Congrats on your fabulous victory as INFLUENCER , I knew your talent and analytic way to answering. You are different from others, your achievement is truly commendable leader board level and finally achieved. Again you add another feather in your crown. I wish you all the best for your future and congratulate you for this achievement. May you achieve every success in your life. Keep going, All the best my friend .

I m Honored SIR, When Doctor/Person like U, Praise me--- Thank U--- Stay Healthy SIR.

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@Dr. S. Dhara - congratulations for blissful moment .but I think this platform is for to learn & share knowledge which helps society . So by taking break after some achievement is not the way .We r the doctors .our duty is to serve the society as the best as we could .so don't take break please continue .

Thanks My Respected--- MADAM JEEE

Congratulations sir. You contribute greatly and so you deserve this honour. I would suggest you not to take a break but may b you could slow down a bit if you wish. HA...HA

As U wish Madam--- Ha Ha Ha--- Thanks Stay Blessed.

I know U as a very kind hearted Doctor and a very good human being..... Congratulations, Dr.Dhara.

It's My Pleasure MADAM--- Tk Care.

Congratulation deserve this honour...personally i learn lots of things from you...thanks sir

Congrats. You deserve it.

Thanks Sir...for ur words of encouragement..I am still in the learning stage...Need ur help sir

U R far better than Me---

Congratulations sir

Keep it up sir. Congratulations.

Congratulations sir.

U had taken a break for Couple of Months from Curofy--- Now, It's My Turn--- @Dr. Mohideen Ahmed.A SIR
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