In ECG What is the significance of ST segment depression in V1-V2 LEAD

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If there is ST depression from v1 to v6 It's a case of IHD ( ischemic heart disease) In patients with inferior acute myocardial infarction and precordial ST depression , the extent of ST depression is of clinical significance. Widespread v1 to v6 ST depression suggests disease of the left anterior descending coronary artery, whereas localised ST depression v1 to v4 indicates its absence.

St sement depression in V1 and V2 occurs in two conditions 1 RVH here R wave is upright and st segment depressed with t wave inversion, 2True post wall mi where st segment is depressed with upright T wave

Anterior wall ischemia . If STT changes are in RV3,4 also ,it means ,additional RV ischemia