Increased CAD & Stroke with Premature Menopause

Women develop CHD several years later than men, with a notable increase in CHD risk during midlife, menopause transition time. American Heart Association feels that the menopause transition time impacts heart health in females and interventions should be included to reduce the burden of CHD. What are your thoughts on this...........



Average menopause age is 50 to 55 year of age10% of women develop menopause at the age of 45 yr while 1% develop menopause at the age of 40 year It has been noted I research early age menopause women are more susceptible to CVD and CAD , stroke and heart failure These women should be targeted by lifestyle modification & non pharmacological intervention Nicely explained , made aware about increased CAD&stroke with premature Menopause

Increased risk of CHD in female later than men during midlife menopause transition time is true in american as pointed out by American Heart association. It depends on quality of life ,medical facility , diet structures and care for woman in society , Change in life style , education and awareness and equality between both sex and regular . medical check up may improve life of fair sex and exact dates in indian society can be worked out and address timely. Personal views.

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Yes menopause bring the cardiovascular disease risks to same level as men.So does the premature menopause due to any cause including surgical.The situations in Asian countries including India may be quite different to that of studied country,due to so many facts like polygamy ,multiple pregnancies and diet .However a similar study in context of India is required which is lacking. So it is not wise to draw the conclusion from the study done in absolutely different backgrounds.

Mostly women tend to ignore lifestyle changes and live sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle which increases there chances. If at all they will eat proper diet and do proper exercise even after menopause they can lower chances of CAD

Estrogen has a mix of positive and negative effect on CVS. Some are understood by studies and many are yet to be understood. Early menopause does increase the risk of CAD in women and even those who underwent hysterectomy are found to be at higher risk and not benefitted by HRT. Menopausal transition and many uterine disorders can be treated well with Homoeopathic treatment and it has been observed that hypercholestrolaemia and mild levels of coronary artery blockages can be handled well with holistic approach, reducing morbidity and mortality.

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Premature menopause and cardiovascular risk This condition should be targeted via lifestyle modification to have a normal levels of cholesterol And Non pharmacological treatment should be focused.

Very useful and informative article about Premature Menopause & CVD. Thanks for sharing useful study case Sir

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Complications of Premature Menopause & relation with CAD, CVD & Stroke: Valuable & informative presentation.

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