Increased fasting blood sugar while pp sugar level under control in diabetic ptnt


Causes of increased fasting blood sugar in Diabetes mellitus are 1) Inadequate dose of OHA s or Insulin. 2) Intake of large carbohydrate meal during night. 3) Somogyi phenomenon of rebound Hyperglycemia. 4) Dawn phenomenon 5) Lack of exercise

Her medicine for blood sugar changed before one month from azulix mf forte & tenebite m to vilatin m bid after good control in fasting blood sugar, pp blood sugar n Hba1c (6.8) And this problem starts before one month Is that related to medicine changes

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May be due to Dawn Phenomenon / Somogyii Effect No or inadequate night dose of OADs. If on adequate dose of medication during night (not more than the morning dose), then better to add a basal insulin.

H/o diabetic since 5yr using glimisave mv 1 H/o cardiac bypass 1yr back using telmisartan, metoprolol, rosuvastatin, ecospirin, clopidrogel, since 1yr H/o medicine azulix mf forte n tenebite m since 1yr H/0 investigation HBA1C 1 MONTH back n reports were good control(6.8) of blood sugar Since 1 month fasting blood sugar avg.125 in morning & pp blood sugar avg.128 afternoon ptnt using vilatin m (50+1gm) bid since one month Suggest reason of increase fasting blood sugar n how to process

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