India's new paper Covid-19 test could be a ‘game changer’

India's new paper Covid-19 test could be a ‘game changer’ The team of scientists in India has developed an inexpensive paper-based test for coronavirus that could give fast results similar to a pregnancy test. The test, named after a famous Indian fictional detective, is based on a gene-editing technology called Crispr. Scientists estimate that the kit - called Feluda - would return results in under an hour and cost 500 rupees (about $6.75; £5.25). Reference-



Hope it is a really good news. We start celebrating occasion before conclusion and efficiency and considering other factor or yet baggers are there before village established. God knows % of error as in case RAT IT is 40 %. Miracles do happen.

Thanks Dr Sarma

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Manufacturing firms and marketing people really deteriorated the whole quality of diagnostic system... Instead of improving and providing standard diagnostic tools to techniques, now a days they are started playing with health of society by marketing such short cuts... As a technical expertise - would you prefer to test your self with such methods???!!! Then why such gamblings are promoting everywhere... Think about it...!!!


Nice information

Thank you Dr Ashok Leel,Dr.Dinesh Gupta


Informative, and among the Pandemic,A silver line,in dark clouds for Covid Patients around the globe.

Information post

Very Informative


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