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A doctor having studied one particular system of medicine cannot possibly claim deep and complete knowledge about drugs of other system of medicines. How can the bridge courses/integrated courses or "Hakim"in some states helpful?

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People have faith on them like patanjali free of side effects. My theory is straight n simple . Two type of bussiness which gives u max return bollywood n politics . Do one need a degree to become an actor or a politician . Then we doctors are burdened to get good degrees b uptodate n all. Theres no limit to academic achievement . Someone can study n keep on getting degrees throughout life .

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This is true that the bridge course will not completely train an alternative system of medicine regarding allopathic treatment, but now in COVID-19 pandemic- the country needs man power to fight against the disease. Such bridge course will help - a keep a pool of reserve doctors- if need arises as claimed by experts that by 1st November- india will have 1 crore - corona positive patients. The population of our country is 138 crores which is equal to Whole of Europe + USA + Brazil . In future - we will know the benefits of bridge course when our nation will need health care providers

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Few Baba's and illiterate persons are running this country and without going through pros and cons pass orders which make quacks and put life of general public in danger by these so called neem hakim ,khatre jaan. Every pathy has it own advantage and disadvantages than why we are making cocktail which hardly beneficial to anyone.

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We are a huge country We have large requirement of health care providers The deficiency of health care provider is clearly visible in COVID 19 pandemic Therefore there is a need to train each and every healthcare provider, do that the gap between demand and supply can be fulfilled Therefore, Curofy is making effort in correct direction - to train masses of healthcare provider - so that they can become competent and deliver better healthcare to individual patient I much congratulate Curofy for same

The Madhya Pradesh government has constituted a team to look into AYUSH doctors taking up modern medicine and prescribing allopathic drugs at private hospitals. ... According to the rules, says the order, ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy, unani, siddha and homoeopathy (AYUSH) doctors can't prescribe allopathic drugs

It is known, that an individual who knows more, also knows how much he doesn't know... Also it is a matter of people's beliefs and systems that have come about from their previous experiences or from those of others.... Logical reasoning and critical thinking are skills that have not been allowed to develop in the masses... we cannot control anyone except ourselves.. it is upto us - the medical fraternity -to provide education and awareness about health and illness, the myths, the pitfalls and the harm that can happen through neglect of co-morbidities , not just after disease has struck but much much before... It is a long drawn process and will have its struggles , but probably few generations later people will believe in scientific research as much as now they believe in other unproven systems.

In developed country you can never expect this sorts of initiation . This is nothing but playing with the health care system.

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