Infection and swelling in lower eye lid

c/o- infection and swelling in lower eye lid since 8 days pain in moving the lid discharge- watery sometimes sticky eyes agglutinated in the morning very severe pain no history of insect bite no other complaint thirst- increased for cold water appetite- normal stool, urine- normal desire, aversion- N.S suggest medicines and diagnosis doctors




Dx Periorbital cellulitis Rx Tab Kanchanara guggulu 1 BD Tab Gandhaka rasayan 1 BD Ophthacare eye drops 0/0 4times/day Hot compress If inflamation is high small nick at dependent portion of lateral canthus to drain out the fluid. Jalukavacharana Pindi and Bidalakam Treatment will take 3-7days.

Warm the of soft tissue pad on eye, carrots juice,rest eyeinfection cool juice ginger onion sweet potato

Dx: Periorbital cellulitis Rx 1. Triphala kwath prakshalan 2. Saptamrit Lauh 3. Extrammune Sy.

Periorbital cellulitis Manage accordingly or refer to opthalmologist

Dx Periorbital cellulitis Treatment based on acute totality.

Argentum Nitricum, eufrasia, pulsatilla

Rx Arg.nit , Euphrasia Eye drop.

नेत्र चिकित्सक से परामर्श करें।

Opthalmologists opinion Needed.

Orbital cellulitis- Rhus tox

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