Infection and swelling in lower eye lid

c/o- infection and swelling in lower eye lid since 8 days pain in moving the lid discharge- watery sometimes sticky eyes agglutinated in the morning very severe pain no history of insect bite no other complaint thirst- increased for cold water appetite- normal stool, urine- normal desire, aversion- N.S suggest medicines and diagnosis doctors




Dx Periorbital cellulitis Rx Tab Kanchanara guggulu 1 BD Tab Gandhaka rasayan 1 BD Ophthacare eye drops 0/0 4times/day Hot compress If inflamation is high small nick at dependent portion of lateral canthus to drain out the fluid. Jalukavacharana Pindi and Bidalakam Treatment will take 3-7days.

Dx Periorbital cellulitis Treatment based on acute totality.

Opthalmologists opinion Needed.

Rx Arg.nit , Euphrasia Eye drop.

नेत्र चिकित्सक से परामर्श करें।

Warm the of soft tissue pad on eye, carrots juice,rest eyeinfection cool juice ginger onion sweet potato

Orbital cellulitis- Rhus tox

Periorbital cellulitis Manage accordingly or refer to opthalmologist

Apis mel

Dx: Periorbital cellulitis Rx 1. Triphala kwath prakshalan 2. Saptamrit Lauh 3. Extrammune Sy.

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