Infection Prevention and Control

Changes to be instituted in clinic in this tough time of Covid 19 Like someone is using transparent plastic sheets etc? Anyone using counter communication system too? Share your innovative ideas, opinions and thoughts on this to keep infection at bay and keep ourself completely safe



Sanitize waiting hall and your chamber before operating and soon at closing of day Yourself use ppe kit mask and face shield Wear gloves irrespective of need Keep 2mts distance in dilacting with pt Bp pulse sp02 are must before physical examination Call only one pt in chamber at a time Staff should also be protected by ppe kit face shield and masks and gloves Proper disposal of use material

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This is in relation to OP clinics and small Nursing Homes 1) At the entrance sensor operated sanitizer aerosols machine can be kept. Patients who enter need to show their hands in front of the machine, Heat sensors activate sanitizer spray. 2) Infra red Thermometer guns can check patient temperature before entry. 3) Non invasive BP monitor can measure temperature, BP, pulse rate and Oxygen saturation . 4) Medical and paramedical personnel should wear minimum N95 masks, surgical cap, face shield, ,gloves, and overall. 5) Keeping patient at 6 feet distance ,history can be recorded by a trained staff . 6) Patient- alone -Consulting room .No relatives are allowed. 7) Telemedicine can be practiced in hospitals also .Doctor ,sitting in his consulting room, should be connected to patient sitting in a separate room, connected by audio and video. In most cases correct diagnosis can be arrived. 8) In counters in front office, a retractable board can be created . This can be pushed out to patient for dropping prescription, then retracted and prescription taken by the paramedic in the counter. Same way medicine can be kept in the board and pushed out to the patient, standing 1 meter away from counter. So on and so forth !!

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Following critaria must be taken into account to avoid covid 19 infection bye-bye. 1-sanitization of work place daily. 2-social distancing 6feet distance between two pt. 3-use of protective mask and removable of mask every 6hrs. 4-avoid overcrowding of pt examination one by one. 5-washing of hands of service providers with proper techanic of both pt and doctor. 6-use of glooves mask and face shield and ppe covid 19 warrd. 7-after examination is over resanitise the workplace and manpower too.

How about examining the patient. If we miss the diagnosis can the patient sue for it.

Yes he has all liberty to claim medicolegal facility

How will you come to diagnosis for lung and heart


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