31/y/o female has come with issue of unable to conceive. G2 P2 A2 L0 She & her husband have been trying from past 7 years. First pregnancy 3 years back due to congenital cardiac anomaly MTP done vaginaly in 5th month Later after 2 years Ectopic pregnancy-laproscopic surgery done Patient trying the IVF treatment from past 6 months. There is no H/O DM, HTN or thyroid disorder Her husband is 36 years old- no unhealthy habits Semen analysis- completely normal She is Vata Prakriti Malam:Niraama Mutra:Normal Jihva:Liptha




Regarding Uttarvasti not having much experience so can't guide you. But as far as internal medicines are concerned 1): Ashwagandha + mulethi shatavari+ Amlaki+ amrita satva+ pushyanug chur 2): Pushpadhanva Ras+ Garbhapal ras: 3): Dashamoolarista

नागकेशर चूर्ण 120 ग्राम स्वर्ण भस्म 300 mg दोनों को मिलाकर 60 पुड़िया बना ले एक एक पुड़िया फल घृत में मिलाकर सुबह शाम गाय के दूध से दे । तीन माह में परिणाम देखने को मिलेंगे ।

Most useful medicine for infertility start with - Sepia , Natrum Mur , Medorrhinum , J. Ashoka

Rx Constitutional remedy with Miasmatic Approach of TT for Both Husband & Wife.

IVF can be helpful

Panchakarma Uttarbasti Amalaki , shatavari , ashwagandha churn Harmones balance Ashokarista

Rx Caulophyllum , Viburnum opulus, Sabina ?

Consider caul.

Arnica Montana 1M -1dose daily for three days Sabina 200 Sepia 200 Res que remedies

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