Inflammation in rectum or Proctitis

Anal swelling Treatment with various medicines: - 1. Aloe: - Due to the inflammation of the throat, one feels downward pressure in the anus all the time and it seems that there has been a wound in the anus. Washing with cold water provides relief. With the release of air from the anus, the excreta also comes out automatically. If these types of symptoms are in the patient, to cure this disease, 6 potency of Aloe drug can be used. 2. Podophyllum: - If swelling in the anus is new and its treatment is not beneficial by using Aloe medicine, then using 6 potency of Podophyllum is beneficial. 3. Colchicum: - There is a simple swelling (sub-acute) in the anus and when the stool is getting mixed white-white pieces in the stool and feel that the anus is full but the stool comes out. Has not been In this condition, 3 or 30 potency of Kolachikam is used to remove swelling of the anus. 4. Phosphorus: - For the treatment of swelling of the anus (chronic) and there is pus and severe pain, for the treatment, using Phosphorus 30 is beneficial. 5. Nitric acid: - If the swelling of the anus is chronic and at the same time, there are pus in it and there is intense pain and it is known that the cause of this disease is syphilis, then nitric acid to cure the disease Using 6 potency of the medicine is beneficial. 6. Ignacia: - With swelling in the anus, there is pain like pricking needle and the pain goes deep inside the anus. In this condition, using 200 potency of Ignacia drug is beneficial to cure this disease. If there is a crack in the anus, it is useful to cure the disease. In such patients, there is another symptom, such as pain and shrinkage in the anus when you have a bowel movement. 7. Ras tox: - If there is swelling in the anus and there is pus around the anus, in such a condition, taking 6 or 30 potency of Ras tox is more beneficial to cure this disease.




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