INFLUENCE VIRUS Most commonly Human infection by H1N1 , H2N1 & H3N1 RNA VIRUS (H5N1) M/C Bird Infection Antigen Drift ( genes of influenza viruses that can lead to changes in the surface proteins of the virus: HA (hemagglutinin) and NA (neuraminidase) Human Infection Rarely Sporadic infection Rarely Droplet infection RISK FACTOR Poultry Products Season Winter CAUSES URTI ACUTE BRONCHITIS 2NDRY PNEUMONIA BACTERIA PRIMARY PNEUMONIA RARELY HIGH RISK OF MORTALITY IN OLD AND CHRONIC PULMONARY-CARDIAC DISEASE DIAGNOSIS NASAL SWAB RTPCR CXR HRCT TREATMENT SYMPATHIC TX ANTI-VIRAL ANTI-BIOTICS ANTICOAGULANTS As per need

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