Ingrowing Toe nail.

A 20 year old male c/o swelling and pus discharge from left great toe for the past 5 days.C/o pain. H/o injury to the left great toe and nail also removed 2 month back. Is this a case of Ingrowing toe nail? How to manage this case? How to do excion in proper manner? Guide me doctors!


No obvious sign present at present but seem to be ingrowing toe nail lateral margin. Do nothing at this stage Treat conservatively to wait for any leading signs of formation of granulomatous tissue at the margin due to ingrowing toe nail.

Thank you doctor

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Matrixectomy (nail excision) It’s done under plain lignocaine local anaesthesia Better refer to gen surgeon for the procedure

Thank you doctor

Nail has to be removed surgically

Onychocryptosis with paronychia

Dx: ingrown toe nail Mx: excision of the ingrown part of the nail on both sides.

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