Injaina, Angina Pectoris (Heart Pain)

Introduction:- When the heart does not get oxygen, pain starts in it. sometimes the heart needs additional (extra) oxygen due to working hard, but it is not able to get require oxygen due to contraction of veins caused by working hard resulting pain starts in it (heart). Heart pain also starts due to improper circulation of blood in the heart.          Cause- Pain starts in the heart due to atherosclerosis, fatness, excessiveness of triglycerides or cholesterol, etc. Besides them, pain also occurs due to insufficient supply of oxygen to the heart, high blood pressure, diabetes, taking additional liquor, smoking, hereditary, lethargy; do not take exercise, improper use of medicines, use of cocaine, etc.    Symptoms- In this case, the sufferer feels pressure in his chest, suffocation as if he is not able to take in breath; violent pain and burning across chest; burning pain in both his hands especially in the little finger of left hand, jaws, teeth and neck; this type of pain can occur in the throat and in between both the shoulders; this burning pain is aggravated by working and is ameliorated by taking rest. Few common symptoms- The patient suffers from fast breathing and feels like suffocation. He remains worry and restless. In this disease, heartbeats become fast by doing even little work and sometime symptoms of nauseate also appear. Arteries around the heart that nourish it are called ‘Coronary arteries’. When blood is stopped in them, pressure falls on the heart. Use of different drugs in heart pain:- 1. Arsenic- If heart pain has occurred due to neuralgic reasons, Arsenic 30 is very effective for it. If this type of pain has occurred due to displacement of its place, Arsenic with other drugs can be used for its treatment. 2. Gelsemium and Belladonna- If heart pain has occurred due to fault in its structure, give Gelsemium 30 and Belladonna 30 to the patient. If it occurs due to disordering in the muscles, take precaution for relief. 3. Tabacum- If heartbeats become fast by sleeping on the left side, pain starts in his chest and the patient feels as if the center part of the chest is expanding all around and if such symptoms occur due to doing over physical work, Tabacum 30 or 200 is used to cure disease. 4. Glonoine-If the patient feels fast heartbeats due to violent pain in his heart and feels as if heart will come out by bursting chest, using Glonoine is very effective. 5. Latrodactus- If the patient feels pain in his heart especially after heart attack; he seems as if heart pain is about to occur, giving Latrodactus 12x 2-3 times a day is very beneficial.   Abstinence- In this disease, the patient should take eatables having low (little) fat; take light food that can be digested easily; take tea and coffee in little; a diabetes patient should avoid sugar; keep blood pressure under control; loose weight and should keep his weight as balance always; exercise should be taken regularly. The patient should avoid smoking, liquor (alcohol), additional fat, heavy food and he should not start working just after taking meals. Note- If heart pain starts at night, the patient should make his head as 3-4 inches lower (downward) from the bed and should keep his impetus


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