Injury before 1 month No pain What should do in this pt?



Age and diabetic status not mentioned.vascularity appears good. Assess the involvement of flexor tendon sloughing and MP joint. Proper and adequate deride ment and dressing allow the wound heal by granulation.Dr.L.A. Bhat. Bangalore.

Non healing wound check DM xray to r/0 osteomyelitis debriment of wound daily collegen or megaheal Dressing aug625 bd

Clean with hydrogen peroxide and betadine and keep it open. Check blood sugar. It may be diabetic ulcer.

Cleanliness, daily dressings only.

intertigo due to terbinafine 250 oD for 4 wks..Apply candid powder 3 times a day n keep the feet dry

may be Ainhum

check out for diabetes

Please confirm that the patient does not have either diabetes or neuropathy.

agry with Dr fahim

What about colour dopper

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