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Elevated BP is an important public health concern. It is highly prevalent, the prevalence may be increasing, and it is a risk factor for several adverse health outcomes, especially CHD, stroke, heart failure, CKD, and decline in cognitive function. The Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT) was carried out to test if reducing SBP to a lower goal than the current goal helped reduce adverse cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality in patients. Please share your views on this.........



As we know ISHT is more concerned in elderly pt with at least one risk factor like heart failure or low LVeEF Against lipidimia Intensive control of SBP below or equal to 120mm shows better results and lesser incidence of all cause mortality Thereby takehome massage is intensive control is required

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prevention is better than cure. first line of safety of population is good life style , regular exercise and periodical assessment and evaluation of BP and it's complications with age . Nicely discussed Thanks for sharing.

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Well the study is good and perhaps there is benefit in terms of all cause mortality 1.06vs1.41 and other cv ,heart failure etc. But the QOL which is affected like giddiness, weakness in those whose BP kept <120 is not addressed in the sprint study.If you save 4 persons per thousand for major heart attacks, or heart failure on hampering the QOL of 996 persons, is it justified ? But lowering BP <120 systolic in kidney dysfunction pts difenitely improve kidney function and survival of such pts.

Nice information.. Useful information.. Intensive versus Standard blood pressure control sprint research Group., Uploaded thanks doctor...

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The study is informative. Hypertension in the initial stages can be well managed by lifestyle modifications and is also curable at that point with Homoeopathy. Idiopathic hypertension can be cured by Homoeopathic Constitutional treatment. Hyperlipidaemia also have seen marked improvement with the Homoeopathic treatment. And would also like to add that mild blockages can also be dissolved and heart muscle can be strengthened.

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Blood pressure monitoring and control are first line of safety in all the population .We have to focus on systolic blood pressure control and monitoring with diastolic blood pressure .. With increasing age more check is suggested with lipidimia . Nice topic addressed.

Thanks ji Our Esteemed Curofy team for your valuable information...til jeera alkaline diet no stress lime juice inhalation techniques...also help to regularise stress... cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval...

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Thank you... Moreover all these conditions aka Hypertension, Myocardial infraction, Heart failure, Stroke are getting pretty usual these days and needs Research.



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