Internal Secretion Of The Nose

Introduction:- This type of disease is known as very painful among all different types of diseases related to respiration. Producing phlegm is a normal function of the nose and throat and the nose are the way to excrete out this phlegm. Generally, it comes out through the nose, but when it is produced in large volume, it searches its way by itself. This phlegm starts dripping (falling) in the throat and goes in to the lungs at night. At last, it comes out with cough. Sometimes this phlegm becomes so thick. Cause:- The main reason of secretion from the nose is allergy which is mostly generated due to eatable things like- milk, fish, etc. Besides them, this type of allergy is generated by smoke, dust, hairs of the animals, grass, honey, clothes, smoking, etc. Symptoms:- In the condition of this disease, phlegm is gone towards the throat which can be thick or like water. It can be also produced with irritation of the throat, cough, hoarseness, pain in the throat, etc. The patient is suffering from headache with nose blowing or closing of the nose and deficiency of smelling power, etc. Important notes:- The patient should take the vapour (vapor) of hot water through his nose and throat minimum 2 times a day. It is also beneficial to take vapour of hot water after adding the juice of 2 lemons in it. It causes sneeze which is also beneficial for the patient. The patient should take balanced and nutritive diet only like fresh fruits, salad, green vegetables, fish, honey, etc. Gargling with lukewarm water after mixing salt in it provides relief to the throat. The juice of fresh fruits should be taken daily. The patient should take exercise daily. It is so necessary to sleep minimum 8 hours in a day. Eatables should be taken in less quantity which produces phlegm like-milk, milk products, meat, eggs, pulses, grainy loaf sugar, etc. It is so necessary to eat a piece of garlic daily. Water should be drunk in a large quantity to make phlegm dilute. Avoid allergic things as possible as necessary.

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