interpret de ECG of 18 yr old female came with h/o sudden onset of breathlessness and pain on de back.her bp was just 70/50mmhg pr-140/min in beginning.solwly . after nebulization ,limb elevation , steroid shot her no raised to 130/90,p r-100/min.RS-vbs,CVS-s1s2heard.diagnosis



young female pt.. recurrence history like this. . HYPER VENTILATION SYNDROME. .POSSIBLE Initially due to some stress. .fear she will get breathlessness. .that is hyperventilation. . then hypocarbia occurs. .due to respiratory alkalosis.. then serum ionised calcium level will decrease and tetany occurs. .at the same time pt had muscle cramps seen in chest. .back and legs. .. pt has dizziness and fainting will occur this time low BP u had seen. . Once hyperventilation decreases pt will come to normal. .. no wheeze or crackles at the time of breathlessness I think. . pt needs psychological evaluation sir.. plz explain about ur clinical findings sir. . ecg. .sinus arrhythmia. . expected ecg findings. .due to hypocalcemia. .

A case with anaphylactic shock. ekg mismatches with initial may be helpful after nebulisation & inj steroids. ...

Anapylactic shock, i think ecg dosent match with initial pulse rate , it may be after nebulization and steroid shot

either may be typical food allergy nuts or pulses, pollen allergy, or insect bite so off and on , it is not relation with any drug allegy, it is type 1 hypersensitive reaction and partially type 4.

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ecg show sinus arrhythmia. she having anxiety / hyper ventilation syndrome . she needs psychological treatment.

but pt says she's s getting this type of attack on and off.and pt was not on any medication to get anaphylaxis

vasovagal attack due to rupture of over mature follicle due to luteal phase deficiency.

i think there is QRS complex abnormality....plz explain

s sir this is after treatment .

normal ecg

This ECG is normal with a heart rate of around 100.Where is the ECG when her heart rate was 140?Since she had a bp of only 70/50 at that time she could have had a tachyarrhythmia like AF or SVT at that time.Hyperventilation can cause tachycardia but it will not result in hypotension.

sorry I don't have ECG st tat time .no facility for this.this ECG is taken only after question, is there is a chance of a f/svt to present like this.and get recovered so fast??

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