Interpret the pelvic usg ???

Interpret the pelvic usg ? Can it be an early pregnancy ? Last menstrual period 8 th July !!! Any opinion regarding ???



Pregnancy is unlikely with endometrial thickness of 4.8mm, however get an UPT done rule out other causes of amenorrhea Thyroid profile Serum prolactin LH/FSH

Endometrium sized 12to14mm to be preg.,.upt done,.. better to go for beta HCG for early detection...if upt negative prescribe tab primolut n bd for 10dys with supements

Scan reveals no pregnancy. Endometrium is less for early pregnant status Get Bhcg done to evaluate pregnancy. If negative, give withdrawal. Adv CBC, TFT, Sr Prolactin if Non pregnant

The usg report doesn’t indicate pregnancy . If her menses are on time like a clock then let’s wait for a week more from her expected date of menses , sometimes the menses could be delayed due to various reasons BUT If there’s an iota of doubt then one blood test of beta hcg clears it.

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