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79 years old male (non-alcoholic and non-smoker); hypertensive with b/l pedal edema which pertialy subsides during morning but reappears within 2-3 hours after awaking up. No any other complaints. Edema subsided before after taking Lasix but again appeared after stopping within one day. LFT, KFT, Lipid profile and uric acid levels are within normal limits. What should we suspect?




ECG is low voltage with ectopic otherwise not much suggestive of any other things: Echocardiography to rule out pericardial effusion T3T4TSH to rule out hypothyroidism Routine blood to confirm or rule anaemia LFT you said normal what about hypoprotenaemia ?

74/M..K/C/O:HTN with bil pedal swelling. ecg:sinus rhythm..LAD..poor lead 2/avf qrs complex progression pvc seen in precordial leads. previous medication history needed to understand. cause to be evaluate for lower leg swelling. before lasix therapy. -cardiac failure status. -hypoprotinaemia. -venous insufficiency. -Anaemia -electrolyte imbalance. just do 2decho to see any chamber wall dysfunction. do above reports. control htn with drugs.

Thanks for ur appreciation Dr Saurav kamilya..

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ECG shows LAD, low voltage (not very marked in chest leads) signifies Heart failure. 2D Echo should be done

Thank you doctor

PAC with abbrent conduction Advise Echo,,, pt is in heart failure

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Thank you doctor

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