Intracranial Acoustic Neuroma

Intracranial left acoustic neuroma Consulted with neuro surgeons. As per their openion. Location of neuroma is such that operation is rishky.I am exploring the possibilities in Ayurveda. So requesting all vaidyas to provide their inputs including panchlarma and agnikarma options. Medical and other options. Age 46 yrs. Male.



Dr.verma ji just to use up to two weeks this combination. Mahaluxmivilas ras+Sarivadivati bd with honey or as per nature . After diet Kancnarguggal+Panchtiket grit guggal with Khadirarisht bd. At night Punnervadi Mandoor. Akhshar oil as ear drops. Prescription is without any side effect,awaiting for two weeks results for further progress.

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Given Kanchnare guggule

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