Irregular menses with Menorrhagia

age- 22 yrs c/o- irregular menses with heavy bleeding since 7 months cycle-26-40 days menses- 4-9 days blood- bright red initially then dark red, clotted, sometimes offensive leucorhoea- white colour, very severe pain in the first day of menses She had a emotional setback 9 months back where she was emotionally disturbed for 3 to 4 months Her USG lower abdomen is normal Patient has desire of sweet things Dislikes sour things urine and stool normal thirst- increased, drinks a lot at a time appeitite- normal thermals- chily+++ She cant bear cold weather at all mentally she is restless, wants to be in company always, ambitious, fear of dark stress of his career , no family tension Suggest Rx doctors Is ignatia or Nat. mur suitable?




Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Rx Liliumtig 30Xbd. *Trillium 0, 8drops Xbd.

Akonight Aanerka

Think of Calc. Carb, Ars. Alb, Lyco, Puls, phos, med, calc phos To understand and differentiate medicines, enquire her reactions after emotional set back the feelings keep on asking till she reaches the core feeling- that will help to choose the medicine. Not all emotional set back is ign or nat

Before her maintal ailment How was her periods If she was normal and have no complaint That means caouse is mental So thing about ignatia.. And puls But u find in past have same troble so things about puls and calc and phosphorus

1-- Sila Sindura 3 gm. 2-- Vrddhivadhika 20 gm. 3-- Kaharava Pisti 10 gm. 4-- mukta / moti pisti 3 gm. 5-- Amrita Sattva 10 gm. 6-- Sphatika Bhasma 5 gm. 7-- Knachnara Guggulu 60 vridhikavatigm. 8-- Rajhprwatnivati Vati 60 gm

Bolbaddha Rasa Lodhra Churna Pushyanuga Churna with Tandulodaka Ashokarishta Dashmularishta Yoni Dhavan by Shubhra Vari Pichu Dharan Of Neem Oil + Jatyadi Oil

Needs counselling calmness symphony music lime juice sitz bath saunf carrots pomegranates sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet rest.not to go out of the house..

Tubercular miasm is predominant. I like like to suggest Tuberculinum 200 one dose,

Cause of emotional setback can help in selecting the remedy

Calcaria carb 1 M single dose Millifoleum Q 10 drops BD

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